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Soul of yiddish (2021)
Noëmi Waysfeld

3min 25s / 7min 18s / 7min 41s  |  Noëmi Waysfeld | Gaëlle Solal | Christian-Pierre La Marca
Ronceay Abbey, Angers

Arpeggio Films
Julien Hanck (director)
Mathias Rozpendowski (dop)

Studio Tinig | Stephane Andrivot
Artistic Direction: Valentine Franssen (Ysée)


These three clips accompanying the release of the Soul of Yiddish album by artist Noëmi Waysfeld were produced by Julien Hanck on an idea from Agence Ysée, and with the participation of the City of Angers.
A real technical challenge due to strong time constraints and a restrictive mission statement, the production of these three clips also required a strong ability to adapt to the difficulties inherent in the filming venue. The choice of a fine haze to reveal the light rays entering the abbey and to highlight the shadows allowed us to play with sunlight while limiting the use of heavier HMI-type lighting which would have required a generator. The choice of dolly shot and a crane, preferred to steadicam, participated in a deliberately minimal aesthetic. Finally, the widespread use of false synchronization on this shoot (with the exception of Autoportrait 2, filmed in playback) also represented a technical challenge for postproduction.

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