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Let There Be Shum (2023)
Lisa Strauss & Anastasia Rizikov

23min |   We Make Shum
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (DOP)
Arpeggio Films

Lysa is a Russian cellist who performs in the G.A.N.G cabaret in Paris in the early 2050s. This place
with a dubious reputation is mainly populated by penniless men who try to forget themselves in the vapors of Asian alcohol and poor quality cigars which litter the bar's zinc. While one evening, sitting at the bar with her instrument, she begins a tune
particularly captivating, silence falls in the bar, usually noisy. Nastya, a young Ukrainian musician who fled her country, attends this intense moment of music in a daze, she cannot believe that a musician from the opposing homeland also knows how to handle
skillfully the bow and the feelings of his audience. As if hypnotized by the sounds she hears, she gradually goes
put down his glass and walk slowly towards the old out-of-tune piano, letting a few old ones play
chords to accompany his alter ego. Suddenly, the impossible happens and the two musicians find each other
as if transfigured into a parallel reality, belonging to another time. The old clothes in which they
dragging themselves have now become luminous red jumpsuits. The flickering lamps of the cabaret
have given way to powerful  projectors which send their rays to the rhythm of the perpetual movement of the cello, punctuated by the thunderclaps of a telluric piano. To the
end of this fantasized episode, we find the cabaret late at night, at the time when the revolver eyes become caresses and
where an allegory of authority lurks near the duo of musicians...

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