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Les Jeudis de la Harpe ( 2020-2021)
34 Camac artists

34 concerts of 40min  | 
Various artists
Arpeggio Films & Camac Harps
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (dop)

A vast fresco presenting a certain state of the art of the harp on an international scale, the Jeudis de la Harpe is an initiative of the Harpes Camac aiming to promote the variety of approach specific to this instrument.
We sought to create for the 4 seasons
  of the Jeudis de la Harpe, several atmospheres and successive sets.
Combining futurism and tradition, the first seasons set out to place the artist in the center of a “forest” of 60 harps whose lighting was shaped and tailored for each performance.
The fourth season re-explores the idea of the "forest" by reconstructing around the artist a microcosm of greenery evoking the great equatorial jungles.


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