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Barcarolle (2022)
Jean-Philippe Collard

4min   |   Julien Hanck
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (DOP)
Arpeggio Movies
La Dolce Volta

Do not enter who wants in the refined, discreet and secret world of Barcarolles by Gabriel Fauré. radio in the car, Jean-Philippe Collard comes across a pianist playing the Première Barcarolle. He considers the interpretation impossible and hates the constant changes of tempos of the pianist, until the presenter announces that it is about his own recording of 1970… Appalled by what he had just heard, he understands that he must put the cycle back on the job and offer a new version. Fifty years right after his first recording, his vision of the Barcarolles and the Ballad, in the version for solo piano, has been refined, going to the essentials.
We have chosen to evoke in image this musical re-exploration with the discovery by the pianist of a magical place, hidden in the folds of the Pink Granite side.

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