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Prokofiev | Transcripts (2021)
Florian Noack

13min  |  Florian Noack | Prokofiev
Handelsbeurs Antwerpen

Arpeggio Films
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (dop)

Arpeggio Films is teaming up with Belgian pianist Florian Noack's project to produce a vast video series combining his original piano transcriptions with symbolic places of European heritage. For this opus, the pianist performed among other things his own transcriptions of Prokofiev's Classical Symphony alongside Chopin's famous 4th ballad and a rare piece by composer Lyapunov. For the occasion, the beautiful space of Handelsbeurs Antwerpen, former Antwerp stock exchange, was chosen. The whole point of this clip was to tame the natural zenital lighting of the place to add only light touches of light, with the aim of making it as natural as possible.

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