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Changing Woman (2021)
Thierry Pécou & Ensemble Variances

50min  |  Thierry Pécou | Set Variances
The Volcano, Le Hâvre

Arpeggio Films
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (dop)
Antoine Billon (gaffer)


A monolithic masterpiece spanning more than fifty minutes, “Changing Woman” was an opportunity to combine the music of composer Thierry Pécou with an ambitious staging. The guiding principle was that of musicians surrounding the audience, with an installation that would form a circle around a very large central light source placed high up. Several circular traveling shots, and the possibility for the cameras to be placed both inside and outside the circle, allow continuous 360-degree shots to be taken in line with the incantatory nature of the music. We thus wanted to imitate the cyclical nature of the music by slow movements of perpetual rotation, and thereby spatially reproduce one of the aspects of the work which is the inclusion of the four cardinal points, for the purpose of quadraphonic listening.

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