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Danse macabre (2021)
Ludmila Berlinskaya & Arthur Ancelle

7min  |  Arthur Ancelle & Ludmila Berlinskaya  | Saint-Saëns
Rungis Piano Festival

Arpeggio Films
Julien Hanck (director)
Safran Lecuivre (dop)

The famous score by Saint-Saëns allows an almost theatrical game between the two performers of the duo formed by Arthur Ancelle and Ludmila Berlinskaya. Also, we have tried to highlight the fiery and virtuoso character of their interpretation by a cinematography as dynamic as it is daring. The subdued lighting and the short focal lengths allowed us to refocus all the attention on the details of the expression, in order to offer the listener the most lively and immersive experience possible.

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